Summer shenanigans in the Yard: 11 Ways to Show Respect to Neighbours

sharing garden with neighbour

Building a beautiful home comes with great responsibility, and to add comfort, good surroundings matter. Neighbours are known to be God-sent. Whether asking for a bowl of sugar or even late-night emergencies, they’re all present. But how can this bond be enhanced throughout the year with an unmaintained garden in the back?

What is the best way to develop a bond and gain the trust of your neighbours for years? It’s nothing other than a fabulous party outdoors with a great ambience and home-cooked meals. Nonetheless, we have some great news if you want to turn your dull lawn into a place to hang out this summer!

From barbeque scenes to cocktail getaways, it can just require touching grass, and you’re ready to go. Touching grass figuratively can mean chilling and maintaining a social circle, and it can all be done on your lawn in the form of a get-together, party, etc.

Kindness costs nothing, even with plants

Don’t let your plants poke into other’s business

As every human requires their own personal space, so does your lawn. Before it turns into a yard rage, it’s better to hesitate a little when planting creepers or climbers, as they don’t need to stay in your lane but rather invade the following property. Hence, set boundaries, ensure you and your plant stay true to your words, and do not branch into any other sapling. 

Moreover, planting natives can be beneficial if your neighbour doesn’t know about it. Here’s your chance to step in and share your knowledge. You can bet being an intellectual can make you stand out better!

close houses with little gap

The better the quality, more the quantity

Basic human courtesy is to be polite and erase any negativity; this applies even to gardening, as the more you sow bad seeds, the more stunted their growth will be. That’s why investing in good quality seeds is always suggested, no matter how long the results take; eventually, it’ll all be worth it.

Be organic, stay organic

Authenticity prevails longer than plagiarism and builds a better impression in the public eye. Likewise, gardening can also lead to better health if you plant greens, as ultimately, they’ll end up in your and your loved ones’ blood. Organic food lasts longer and is the way to a healthy lifestyle today. Additionally, exercise building compost pits to utilize excess food waste into a better opportunity to generate manure for your lawn. Expanding the yard and the scope of new seeds—what’s better than this?

Actions speak louder than words

Treating your flora and ferns with love and care is essential to gardening. Watering your greens and taking the other necessary steps can improve your neighbours’ view, earn you a compliment, or initiate a conversation.

Having good resources like tools to dig in the soil, a good water supply for irrigation, advanced technology including push mowers, leaf blowers, etc., and even sustainable decorations to make your garden look scenic can work wonders to appeal to the next door.

good soil helps plant grow quickly

Abide by the green rules

Say yes to pets, but outside the lawn

No matter how innocent and loyal your pet friends are with those puppy eyes, they’re bound to wreck your roots, literally. Hence, make it a necessary addition to your list to fence your property, as it marks your territory and confines pets and other unnecessary fauna from entering your land.

Rain check

Weather can sometimes be unpredictable, mainly for farmers who rely on their harvests to generate income. However, private farms have it easy as most financial needs can be met regarding relevant expenses. Likely, prevention is better than cure. That’s why you should plan and prepare a first aid kit for all eventualities; for example, building a greenhouse is the most sought-after choice as many variables can be controlled, ultimately leading to your favoured results. Prohibit the use of fertilizers and insecticides and switch to compost, as chemicals can harm friendly insects, birds, neighbourhood pets, and even children. Add wasps, bee sting ointments, and burn treatments to your kit to be safe.

Aesthetic additions

Beautiful sustainable decorations to make your garden look scenic can work wonders to appeal to the next door, like installing lawn chairs and tables, wall lights, spotlights, etc. Still, they might overshadow your next-door’s property. Always give a heads-up before making these outdoor changes; this step can encourage the rest of the neighbourhood to be attentive and considerate while making significant amendments.

aesthetic addition to your home lawn

Share your toys and tools

A friend in need is a friend. Indeed, this goes all the way, as you never know if you or your neighbour might need each other’s help, especially with tools. Exchanging utilities can help in effective communication and develop a friendly bond. But remember to borrow your things back and vice versa to prove accountability in terms of lending and returning goods.

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” —May Sarton


Negotiate, accept, repeat

Great responsibility comes with good accountability. Owning up to one’s mistakes, like accidental spillage, damaging personal property, or even solving a dispute, an apology goes a long way. If necessary, even hire an expert mutually, remember to split the cost to make it all even, and then accept the resolution. Furthermore, if there are retaining walls, fences, or steep slopes that are due to be repaired, maybe it’s high time to fix them in days’ time to inspire others to do the same.

Considerate and compromise go hand in hand

Outdoor plans and hangouts can unknowingly disturb others’ lives, especially after the fortnight. To disseminate a future complaint or to be on bad terms with the folks, it’s better to either lay out an invitation to set the terms for a long-term exchange or at least practice the good citizen rules, like proper parking, toning down music levels, limited boozing sessions, etc. This sends out a good message and uplifts your reputation to set long-term relations.

Sounds of peaceful silence

After a tiring day, any sane person wants to just sit and connect with nature and erase all the chaos around. Birds chirping, insects buzzing, and the salty breeze blowing into your hair—this is what mankind lives for! A good garden can quickly tick all the above checkboxes. This will earn you bonus points from any generation, especially if the kids play on the lawn. It can even satisfy one’s inner child and bring out ultimate joy.

Loud parties and equipment add to the noise disruption, making one bat an ugly eye toward your growing lawn. Treating oneself with a peaceful, quiet yard and surroundings can do miracles to one’s health, being as therapeutic as it sounds!

silent garden that whispers joys of silence


The fruits of patience are sweet, and coincidentally, fruiting up a friendly bond with your next door can make living easy in the long run. Gardening can be one way to earn their trust, but it takes a lot of work. From mowing your grass (if you have any), raking the leaves, and watering your leaves to trimming the flaws, it all requires a genuine interest and effort and voila, you’ll see your precious outcomes in weeks. The most important and valid step is not quitting, even when you don’t notice valuable outcomes. Always remember, ‘Gather your rosebuds while ye may’ and be ready to seize the day!

Whenever you notice any rising tension regarding inconsiderate actions outdoors, try to express your feelings and maintain reasonable, effective communication so that they know something is affecting you, even if it is unknowingly done from their side. This helps disaster management and lets the opposite practice the same before anything sparks a fire. 

Building and growing a beautiful green lawn can turn eyes and even make one envy having it, but with ownership comes great nurture, and the outside view can very well depict the inner care. This is one way to win the hearts of outsiders and your loved ones when bees are naturally attracted to pretty flowers. And about that barbeque, let’s schedule it this weekend?

Why is it advised not to use chemicals like fertilizers and insecticides while gardening?

Chemicals tend to disrupt the natural flow of plants. Although this can lead to faster results, it may even affect the surrounding animals, such as birds, pets, etc. Switch to compost instead.

Why is fencing important?

Eradicates any chance of creature invasion and other animals spoiling the scene. Hence, it even adds an aesthetic appeal to your space.

The best way to set friendly relations with neighbours via gardening?

Effective communication, sharing of tools and utilities, social scenes, etc., can help maintain good relations in the long run.

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