17 Types of Gardening Projects to Beautify Your Home Decor

Gardening Projects

Whether you have a small apartment or a yard around your home, you can make it look beautiful by filling in different types of gardening projects. There are several projects that you can try with the help of plastic bottles, pots, planters, or even custom-made holders that sit on the countertop. You can also try using LED lights, hydroponic systems, or find the sunlight reaching your windows to create these gardening projects and beautify your home decor.

Besides, if you wish to plant herbs, succulents, or grow vegetables in your garden, then you can try to use these different types of gardening projects and start experimenting in your space. If you feel that your apartment’s space won’t be enough for your dream gardening project, then we have also tried to add some small yet attractive ideas that you can try in the limited space.

So if you are staring at your windows or yard and thinking about what to do next, you can pick up any of these different types of gardening projects and bring your ideas to life. You can even take up these ideas and modify them with your creativity. We only want you to get out from your couch and experiment with your gardening skills to create a beautiful garden and accentuate your home decor.

Types of Gardening Projects:

  1. Make a vertical flower bed :

    vertical flower bed
    Do you want to hide a particular boring wall or just spark it up with more greens? Then try to make a vertical flower bed and hang it on the wall for a pleasant appearance. The vertical flower beds are easy to create as you can choose steel racks or wooden pallets to hang the small flowery plants. Try to add some colorful picks and add versatility by choosing different types of plants.

  2. Create a water fountain with succulent plants :

    water fountain with succulent plants
    If you have a spare birdbath or an old water fountain that you are not using for any other purpose, then you can create a beautiful succulent garden in just a few hours. Succulent plants add life to your garden as they beautify the decor in just a small space. The best part about having succulent plants is that they are easy to grow and care for. Besides, they grow anywhere you plant them. So you can take the old water fountain and place all the succulent plants on it to make a beautiful gardening project.

  3. Grow plants with plastic bottle water reservoir :

    Grow plants with plastic bottle water reservoir
    People having a yard on the front or backside of their home choose these types of gardening projects as they are beneficial for big spaces. To create this type of gardening project, you need to find a plastic bottle and cut its bottom around the same height as your planter. Now push this bottle into the planter’s soil before you plant any new sprout, and remember to fill this bottle with water when the temperature rises. The water from this bottle will drip slowly in the planter and go straight into the roots. This plastic bottle water reservoir will help grow the plants without keeping them short of water.

  4. Rain barrel gardening project :

    Rain barrel gardening project
    Adding a rain barrel gardening project in your yard will not only give an artistic look to your home but also offer so many great functions. Rainwater is the best source for hydrating your indoor and outdoor plants than the city water, which contains fluoride and chlorine. So you can take a spare barrel, decorate it, and keep it below the water pipes that accumulate the rainwater from your roof and other areas.

  5. Cover up your air conditioner :

    Cover up your air conditioner
    The exterior of your house gives a very first impression to the visitors. So you shouldn’t compromise on your house’s decor only because of the large AC unit lying in your yard or below the window sill. That is when this gardening project for covering your air conditioner unit will turn in to be helpful. You can add the wooden pallets or use a metal container to conceal the ac unit and then decorate it with small plants. Coloring the pallets or containers will also improve the appearance of the unit and give an artistic feel to it.

  6. Keep away the mosquitos with the mosquito control herbs :

    mosquito control herbs
    Do you find a lot of mosquitos bugging you in the garden or inside your home? You can keep them away from entering your place by planting a few mosquito repellent herbs. These herbs include lemongrass, catnip, basil, and various others. Try to put these herbs in small pots and place them in your yard or on windowsills. Besides, these herbs are useful for other purposes. Most importantly, this gardening project is an excellent option to repel mosquitos rather than spraying mosquito repellents everywhere. It is good for your garden as well as your health.

  7. Make the plant markers with wine cork :

    plant markers with wine cork

    You will find different types of gardening projects for marking the plants in your garden, but this one is quite unique and preferable for avid wine drinkers. Moreover, if you have a lot of plants in your garden, then you can try this gardening project as it helps you remember the plant’s name without any confusion. To do this project, you need to retain the corks from the wine bottles and write the plant’s name with a marker. Next, peg them into the soil beside the relevant plants, so next time, you can recognize your plants without any mistake. The good part is that it looks cute and gives an artistic touch to the garden.

  8. Transform the plastic bottles into self-watering seed starters :

    plastic bottles as self-watering seed starters
    Do you have a bunch of plastic bottles in your home? You can transform them into self-watering seed starters and make a fantastic gardening project for your home. This is a creative project which most students get from their school teachers. So you can try it with the kids in your house and also teach them about the creative DIYs. To create this gardening project, you need to cut the plastic bottles in half and put the top half upside down inside the bottle’s bottom half.

    This way, the moisture will condense in the bottom chamber. You can draw it upwards by punching a hole in the bottle cap and passing a thread through it. Through this gardening project, you will be able to plant different plants in the plastic bottle and decorate them nicely for an artistic appearance.

  9. Turn an old wheel into an attractive mosaic planter :

    old wheel into an attractive mosaic planter
    If you have an interest in craftwork, then this gardening project will be perfect for you. You need to find an old wheel of a car and remove all its rust. Color it with some beautiful shades and put on the pebbles, glass pieces, or beads to decorate it in a mosaic pattern. Once done, add the soil and grow plants of your choice in it. This gardening project looks perfect for all types of houses, so make sure you make it elegant and suitable for your home decor. The best part about this wheel is that it holds the plants perfectly and also offers enough space for drainage.

  10. Make a clay pot lighthouse :

    clay pot lighthouse
    If you have several pots lying in your garden, then you can try this attractive clay pot lighthouse and give an impressive-feeling to your exteriors. At first glance, no one would realize that you have just stacked up the clay pots in an upside-down shape. So give it a try and color them in your favorite lighthouse color. You can even plant a small sapling on it or surround it with a few succulents. Lastly, you can add a small lamp on top of this lighthouse to make it look more realistic and beautiful in your home garden.

  11. Gardening project to make window sill planters :

    window sill planters
    If you have even a little space around the windowsill, then you can try this amazing gardening project to add an artistic look to your house. The windowsill planters make the cactuses and succulents look beautiful while taking only a little space of your home. This project looks charming and slightly rustic, which makes the house look attractive. You can use any repurposed wood from old photo frames to add an interesting touch to the planters. Besides, you can try to add succulents, small showpieces, and flowery plants to make the windowsill more attention-worthy.

  12. Upscale the light bulb planters :

    light bulb planters
    If you have come across any light bulb planters in hotels or cafes, then you might realize that they just sparkle up the ambiance and give an interesting feel to the decor. You can do this gardening project in your home by searching for spare bulbs but make sure you get the heavy-duty bulbs with thick glass. These bulbs help you make a circular opening without shattering the glasses. You can plant small climbers or flowery plants to light up the environment in green shades. Besides, this gardening project will also serve as a recycling project that adds a beautiful touch to your home.

  13. Transform a wooden pallet into a planter :

    wooden pallet as a planter
    Pallets are useful for every part of your home decor, so why not use them for the gardening project? You can use the pallets for several purposes, such as for sitting in the garden, making a paveway in the yard, or just for placing the plants in your home. But here, you can try to get a bit more creative with the pallets. You can make a planter out of multiple pallets and place them either in your home or in the garden. The best part about trying this gardening project is that it is easy and really cheap. Besides, it helps you save a lot of space as you can create vertical pallet planters for any location in your home. So if you have a small space, then consider making this pallet planter to add greenery to your home.

  14. Gardening project to make an ongoing supply of onions :

    supply of onions
    If you love to eat scallions, then you can try to grow them at home with this amazing gardening project. To create the ongoing supply of scallions or onions greens, you need to take a big plastic bottle and cut its neck. Next, you need to add holes to its sides and pop the onion bulbs through them. Make sure the onion bulbs are small while you fit them in the holes. Fill this bottle with soil, water it, and keep it near your kitchen window. With the passing time, the onion bulbs will start to grow and produce greens or scallions. So with this gardening project, you can have an ongoing supply of onions and eat the greens whenever you want.

  15. Use the toilet paper rolls for seedling starters :

    paper rolls for seedling starters
    If you have toilet paper rolls in your home, then start accumulating them instead of throwing them away. These rolls become a good option for growing new seedlings. You need to cut a few strips at the bottom and fold them to cover the bottom end of the rolls. Make sure to secure the bottom with a tape. You can plant different seedlings in these rolls and place them in a bucket or container until they grow to a specific height.

  16. Create an attractive tiered herb garden :

    attractive tiered herb garden
    Do you love planting herbs in your garden? If yes, you can create an attractive tiered herb garden that helps you save a lot of space and gives a good appearance to your garden. You can also create a vertical garden of the herbs and place them in your window. You need to have pallets or a small container to create this type of garden so make sure you find them from your nearest market and experiment with your creative skills.

  17. Get crafty with the plastic bottle planters :

    the plastic bottle planters
    Try this eco-friendly gardening project while making space for all your indoor plants. Take all the plastic bottles from your kitchen and cut them from the middle. Color them with different colors and draw unique faces to add an interesting touch to them. You can either hang them or place them anywhere in your garden. The plastic bottle planters look cute, so there’s no doubt that you will get many compliments for your creativity.

Conclusion :

Whichever gardening project you choose, make sure that you customize them with your ideas to make the most out of your creativity.

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